Derby/Shelton Rotary Club

Shelton Takes Home The Trophy

Rotary President Charlie Priddle stands with Shelton's seniors after presenting the trophy.

Shelton High School thumped cross-river rival Derby High School by a 37-7 count on the artificial turn on Thanksgiving Day and carried away possession of the Derby/Shelton Rotary trophy for another year. The Gaels have won five of the last seven games with Derby having one win and one tie during that stretch. The first team to accumulate 10 points (one for a win and one for a tie) gains permanent possession of the trophy.

The weather on the day included everything from warm and cloudy, to torrential downpour to stunningly bright sunshine, but none of it mattered to the Gaels as they raced to a 21-0 lead and never looked back. Some highlights are pictured below:

J.J. Samoskevich scores Shelton's third TD on an eight yard run to put Shelton up 21-0.
Dave D'Agostino hauls in a 16 yard TD pass from quarterback Rick Bailey to make it 21-7.
Travis Crowther splits the uprights with a 20 yeard field goal making in 24-7.
Shelton QB Semii Desai is head over heals while scoring to put Shelton ahead at 30-7.
Ryan Koenig's 16 yeard TD completed the scoring for Shelton.
Shelton High coach Jeff Roy stands with Silver Turkey award (Game MVP) winner Semii Desai after the game. Roy won the trophy himself as a player in 1984.




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