Derby/Shelton Rotary Club

Rotary Celebrates Thanksgiving Day Rivalry

The 2010 luncheon was held at the Russian Lodge in Shelton on Tuesday, November 23.
Special events surrounding this year's game

Shelton 38 Derby 14

Shelton head coach Jeff Roy and players are presented with the Derby/Shelton Rotary Club trophy by past presidents Steve Balog and Ed Sheehy, Jr. Interestingly, Balog once played for Shelton and Sheehy played for Derby.

They're all smiling today!

The Derby/Shelton Rotary Club celebrated one of its best traditions - the annual Football Luncheon - for senior members of the Derby and Shelton football teams and cheerleading squads on Tuesday, Nov. 23 at the Russian Lodge in Shelton.

Shelton is marking this year's game as the 100th in the long rivalry which actually dates back to either 1904 or 1905 depending on whom you are talking to. The Rotary luncheon has not been around that long, but it does date back decades and follows similar type events held as far back as the 1930's. Much of that history was celebrated at the luncheon.

Dan Shea

Jon Wetmore

Both Shelton Coach Jeff Roy and Derby Coach George French spoke and introduced their players. However, the real highlight for the day was the speaking of the former members of each team who were the featured speakers. Both John Wetmore of Shelton and Dan Shea of Derby delivered nostalgic and motivational talks about their experiences, and ironically neither one won the game during their senior season.

The club also unveiled the new trophy which goes into competition this year. The trophy was designed by former Shelton High head coach Tony Branca who is now an assistant at Shelton. The winning team on Thanksgiving Day will get to keep the trophy for a year. When a team gets 10 wins, it gets to keep the trophy permanently as Shelton did with its win last year.

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