Derby/Shelton Rotary Club

Rotarians from the Rotary Clubs of Orange, Derby-Shelton and New Haven joined hands with members of the Rotary-sponsored St. Martin de Porres Academy Interact Club who worked together to secure matching funding from The Rotary Foundation to provided 32 new laptop computers to benefit the students of SMPA Middle School located in the Hill Section of New Haven.

On Friday October 16th, Rotarians gave the brand new laptops to these wonderful middle school kids as they peered into these young appreciative eyesit only took a little voice saying thank you to bring a bit of moisture to our eyes.

St. Martin de Porres Academy in New Havens The Hill Section..changing a communitychanging one kid at a time. It takes a village to raise a childan ancient African proverb that is timeless and so relevant today. When the villagersreach out to assume some of the responsibility for caring, teaching and nurturing of OUR kids everyone wins!

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